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Leaf & Brush Pickup


Click on the link below for 2018 leaf pickup information and a schedule of brush pickup by street.​ Brush Pickup information.pdf

Traffic & Speed Management


Changes are on the way to improve traffic safety in Farmington Woods!


Update as of November 4, 2017:

Traffic Safety Audit


Following completion of the neighborhood survey in August (results previously posted and shown below), a traffic safety audit was conducted in Farmington Woods on September 19th.  The audit was arranged by the Town of Clarence and included a consultant from Cornell Local Roads, a program providing technical expertise on improving the quality and safety of roads and streets across New York State.  The audit consisted of a physical walk of Old Post Road West and Old Post Road East and a subsequent meeting at Town Hall to discuss observations and potential solutions.  Also in attendance at the walk and follow-up meeting were representatives from Farmington Woods, the Town of Clarence Highway Department and Board, the Erie County Legislator's Office, the Erie County Sheriff's Department, and the State Police.  Below is a list of the many ideas and potential traffic calming solutions reviewed at the meeting.






Forthcoming Changes 

As a result of the neighborhood survey, traffic safety audit, and subsequent conversations with representatives from the various agencies, the following actions will be taken between now and Spring 2018:

  1. The Erie County Sheriff's Department will place the digital radar in Farmington Woods approximately once per quarter.

  2. A three-way stop will be created at Old Post Road East and Black Walnut.  A Town resolution will be processed by the end of the year and signage installed sometime thereafter (weather-dependent).

  3. The Town of Clarence will purchase two portable speed humps for use on Old Post Road West and Old Post Road East.  Installation is expected at the end of the coming snow season (typically March / April).  Specific mounting locations for the speed humps and accompanying signage are under discussion.

  4. The Town of Clarence will review costs and feasibility of installing rumble strips in or around the island and subdivision entry at Transit Road and Old Post Road West.

Mindset Change

While putting in place traffic calming measures is a significant step in improving safety within our neighborhood, perhaps the most important thing we can all do is to be aware of our own driving habits and make adjustments where needed.  If you haven't already, please see the flyer in the attached pdf below and discuss it with the drivers in your household.  Also, the decals shown below have been provided by the Town of Clarence and are available by contacting Sharon Cook at Please place one in a visible spot on your trash can to raise awareness with drivers.


Thanks again for your support and for making Farmington Woods a safe and desirable place to live!

Neighborhood Survey Results

  • Results include ~52% of households participating (68 of 131).

  • 94% of respondents rated Speeding as Severe (53%) or Moderate (41%)

  • 97% of respondents indicated Speeding has gotten Worse (57%) or Stayed the Same (40%) sincethey've lived in the neighbhorhood

  • 67% of respondents support a three-way stop at Old Post Road East and Black Walnut

  • 78% of respondents support a speed hump solution dedicated to Farmington Woods versus shared with other neighborhoods

  • 59% do not support signage in their yards to support the speed hump and stop sign initiatives.  The responses to this question are a bit hard to interpret, especially given the overwhelming support for both solutions.  It's possible the issue may be in the design of the question since it asks two somewhat unrelated questions in one - signage in yards for the stop signs which really only affects two additional households where the stop signs would be installed and signage for speed humps which could affect additional households depending on where the signs are placed.

  • 63% of respondents would be willing to make an additional monetary contribution to fund traffic calming devices if the Town is unable to fund them in its existing budget


Many respondents left comments and suggestions.  The feedback is candid, insightful, and worth reviewing.  Frequent topics of conversation are careless / reckless driving, police patrols, stop signs, speed humps, digital radar displays, and effects of traffic from commercial vehicles and other neighborhoods.


Click Here to review the full survey results directly.

Resident Contact Information


Help the HOA stay in touch and provide important safety information.


Periodically, the Farmington Woods Homeowners Association has important announcements of benefit to all residents regardless of how active one might be within the neighborhood. The HOA would like to ensure all residents receive notifications related to crime, changes to convenants and restrictions, and legal issues such as the recently-defeated plaza cut-through at Transit Road and Old Post Road West. We are stronger as a community when everyone is in the know and has the opportunity to participate in decision-making. There are only a handful of households that have yet to provide an e-mail address. If you're one of them or have changes to your contact information, please take a moment to send them to Sharon Cook at Rest assured, your information will be kept confidential and will not be shared with others.